Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Mad Pride

On Saturday, July 19th, I partook in a Mad Pride event which is the gathering of people who suffer from mental illness in the Hamilton area. Tables were set up so people could sell their wares; such as, me who made my books available, a woman selling homemade bracelets, a man selling framed pictures, another woman set out blocks of painted wood, etc.

In addition, the event held an open mic where people could read poetry, play music, and I read from Locker Rooms. A succession of 14 people made their way up to the mic to announce their appreciation for the Mad Pride event which allowed them to express themselves to people who understood their suffering.

"Mad Pride Hamilton is an annual madness arts, culture, and heritage celebration organized by Mad people for members of the local consumer/survivor/Mad community. We have a right to be proud of our survival, experiences, ideas, identities, creativity, accomplishments, contributions and communities."

Mad Pride began in England in the 1970s. Then continued in New York in the 1980s. It came to Toronto in the 1990s. Now its in Hamilton.

It was a wonderful affair where everyone felt at home. It was a very happy and relaxed atmosphere. I was able to talk to many people about my books and just generally about living with mental illness. It was fantastic to be able to talk about things most people don't want to hear and share similarities. I was so glad I participated and can't wait until next year's event.

Finally, I have completed my third novel, The Nuts. Its a thriller about five poker buddies who uncover a conspiracy. It has been sent off to the editor who will require approximately three weeks to complete his administrations. Once novel is returned, I will need some time to make the corrections. After which, it will be published on Amazon and will be made available to everyone.

Hope you are enjoying this wonderful summer.

Have fun,