Tuesday, 1 July 2014

The Exciting World Cup

How exciting is the World Cup?? As you know, I love sports but haven't watched much soccer in years. But it's on and decided to give it a try. The Toronto CBC is telecasting the whole World Cup without commercials. Well, now I'm hooked and watching every match. I find it exhilarating. I'm on the edge of my seat watching these extraordinary men. You know, they run about 7-8 kilometres in each match?

Of course, all those handsome, physically fit men are running around with sweat soaked shirts resembling contestants in a wet t-shirt contest. Lovely to watch!

No, I have no favourite team. I just enjoy watching each match hoping that the best team wins. I hope for a good, fair game where everyone plays their best. Goals are few so they are always exciting when they come about.

The only thing I hate about soccer is the way the players fall to the ground writhing in pain hoping for a penalty. After the referee has made his decision, the player gets up and runs around showing no sign of pain. These types of falls are really silly and detracts from the game but I guess it is part of the game. But then look at football where the players bash each other so hard yet they all get up and carry on playing without complaint.

So, enjoy the World Cup as it only takes place only once every four years. That length of time assists in the pleasure of the game.

The best part of any world competition is the peaceful and safe experience players from every country in the world feel. The teams may not speak the same language but they all know soccer. It's wonderful to see that the world can come together in peace. If only wars could become a sport's competition and settle it that way.

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