Thursday, 21 August 2014

Robin Williams RIP

By now, I'm sure, you have all heard that Robin Williams committed suicide. It boggles the mind. Why did he feel he couldn't go on? Why did he think there was no way out? Wasn't he on medication? Why wasn't someone helping him with his depression? Why was he sleeping alone?

Why when "everybody" close to Williams said they knew he was depressed, why didn't they help him?

The answers to those questions may never be answered. I always had a feeling that Williams was bipolar. He could go from happy to sad in two seconds. That ease of manner is typical of a person with bipolar. No one can be that funny all the time and be normal.

I remember the first time I saw Williams at work. It was the late 1980s and he was on a talk show; probably Johnny Carson. My friends and I watched the TV peeing in our pants because we laughed so uncontrollably. He was brilliant. Never had I seen anyone that funny.

A short while later, Mork and Mindy aired. It became my favourite show at the time. Williams encapsulated an alien. He performed perfectly in the role which he played so naturally. Each week, he seemed to get funnier and funnier. Nothing he couldn't do.

The following years, I eagerly watched his career from his movies to his work with Billy Crystal and Whoopi Goldberg for Comic Relief. Those three were incredible together while they played off each other. Their benefits raised a lot of money and anyone who was anybody wanted to perform on Comic Relief.

So, I'm heartbroken with the loss of Robin Williams. A brilliant and exceptional man. I'm so sorry he suffered.

have fun and remember there is always tomorrow,