Monday, 11 January 2016

Getting an Interview

I have to admit, I love doing interviews. It's so much fun talking about yourself. You can't really do that much these days without sounding arrogant or self-absorbed. But, in an interview, all the questions revolve around you and your books. You get to enjoy that pleasure.

Tim Knox interviewed me for his website Interviewing Authors. It was so much fun and it turned out great. If you'd like to hear it, you can listen to my Interview here.

I've done a few written interviews with Kevin Peter, Motewriter for my novels Locker Rooms, That Truthful Place and A Discerning Heart. You can read the full interviews on my site Interviews here.

Here is an excerpt from the Locker Rooms Interview:
KP: What was your inspiration behind ‘Locker Rooms’?
PL: Actually, it was a dream. I woke up one morning with the novel in my head. I sat down at the
computer and wrote for twelve hours a day for four months until the novel was finished. But, it
took me five years to edit and complete it satisfactory.
KP: How would you describe your lead character Alida on whose strong shoulders the entire plot line rests?
PL: She’s me and how I would react in those circumstances. I fashioned her after various aspects of my personality. I wrote her to be able to accomplish whatever she desired.

This is a bit from the That Truthful Place Interview:
KP: What was your inspiration behind ‘That Truthful Place’?
PL: The telepathic idea originated from Deanna Troi, a character in Star Trek: The Next Generation.
I always loved her telepathic abilities and wished to create characters who were telepathic. I
picked 13 year old children because, at that age, they change from children to adults.
KP: Who is your favourite character and why?
PL: I love all the characters equally. They are all a part of me. Every year growing up, I wished to
begin a different career. These children are me as I would be if I had their abilities.

From A Discerning Heart Interview:
KP: ‘A Discerning Heart’ – give the short take on it?
PL: Its about a poor man who dreams of becoming rich and famous. He sets out to achieve greatness only to fall victim to the mighty ocean. Saved by a mermaid, his life changes.
KP: What was the inspiration behind this book?
PL: I was chatting with a guy named Jim who said I should marry a rich fisherman. I said only a poor fisherman would want me and then Dim Jim was born.

I'm redoing my website and the new site will be up soon.

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