Monday, 4 January 2016

Do You Chat Online?

For the past ten years, I have been chatting online. I started with Yahoo until they closed their site. Then I moved to ICQ where I stayed for many years until it recently closed. Now I'm chatting on a site associated with ICQ. It's not a bad place to meet people though enough idiots can be found there.

My first book is non-fiction about chat. It's entitled Shall We Chat? Revealing the Secrets of Chatting Online. There are ten chapters revealing everything you always wanted to know about chatting online. It's an honest, direct view and you'll laugh often.

An except from the book:

The wonderful world of chatting online can almost but replace people’s real and private lives because of its ability to connect people from all over this great world. The principal purpose people enter a chat room is to make a new friend, either for friendship or sexual reasons. The whole purpose of the chat conversation is to conduct a naturally flowing discussion about mutual experiences and interests, relating to someone about their world. It is possible to meet genuine and interesting people from whom to learn and enjoy chatting with for a few hours. However, for most chatters, their sole reason for entering a chat room is sexual in nature.

What is a chat room? Firstly, find a chat website by using Google and search the term: "chat room". Pick an appropriate chat site and then the preferred chat room. A small box will open to provide an opportunity to choose a suitable screen nickname. After clicking ‘Enter’, a large square box will appear taking up the majority of the computer screen. Immediately, there is the hectic view of the constant conversations by the regular chatters. This is called the main room. Usually, a vast community of people chat in this public area. Everyone can read and join in the open conversations of these constant chatters.

On the right side of the main room, there is a list of every chatter’s nickname. Double click on one of those chat nicknames and now it is possible to privately chat with someone. When choosing to chat privately, a small box will appear with the chosen person’s nickname at the top and a small empty space where the chat conversation can be held. This chat conversation is technologically private so no one but the two chatters can read what is being written.

For someone who is alone at home most of the time, chat is helpful. I have a few good friends with whom I can have interesting and fun conversations. I can share my life and look forward to their comments and suggestions. No, I don't meet these people in person and that is accepted. We just enjoy each other's company in this limited fashion but, at least, it's a distraction.

Chatting isn't for everyone. It helps to be a fast typist and someone with many interests upon which to discuss. But if you are interested in know what chat is all about, check out my book.

Have fun,