Monday, 23 November 2015

What's your Favourite Meal?

Ever since watching The Green Mile as John Coffey was offered anything he wanted to eat for his last meal, I've often wondered what I'd have for a last meal. It's a question I've often put to people. I'm usually informed that steak is their favourite. Many say some kind of seafood. Lots say pasta. What about you? What's your favourite meal?

Mine is my mother's roast beef with roast potatoes and onions usually with steamed green beans. It's a wonderful meal and luckily mom makes it often during the colder months. (She doesn't like to turn the oven on in summer.)

My next favourite meal is steak. I prefer it cooked medium with mashed or baked potato. Actually, I'll eat potatoes any way, except raw. I love potatoes and can eat them all the time. My next favourite meal is anything ethnic. I love Japanese, Korean, Greek, Middle Eastern, Vietnamese, Thai, etc. Unfortunately, I'm not a big fan of Italian and pasta though it seems many people enjoy it the most.

It's worth travelling if even just for the food. I would love to travel to Greece or India and eat Greek and Indian food all the time. That would be great. When I lived in Israel, I ate many different kinds of foods coming from all over the Middle East. My favourite was a Yemenite place that served this huge pancake called Melawa (I think) and a special tomato dipping sauce. It was fantastic. Haven't had it since 1985.

In my first year of high school, my best friend was Chinese. After school, I was often invited to her house to do homework. And after homework was dinner and I was welcomed to partake. They had no cutlery so I had to learn how to use chopsticks which I learned fast because the food was so good. Sally's parents owned a restaurant but the food they made at home was nothing like the "restaurant" food. Very fond memories. I also learned a bit of Mandarin because Sally's grandparents didn't speak any English.

Different foods or meals bring lots of memories which I'm sure happens with you too. Do you have any food memories?

have fun,