Monday, 16 November 2015

Swearing In

I've been told many times to write my blog regularly. I have been a bit sporadic but, from now on, I will write a blog every Monday.

On Wednesday, December 2nd, I'll be travelling to Ottawa via hired bus to watch Filomena Tassi (the winning Liberal candidate for my riding) swear in as a member of parliament. This is a memorable and exciting event and I'm so lucky and pleased that I've been given a chance to be involved. She has invited everyone who volunteered during her successful campaign.

Seeing Justin Trudeau being sworn in on TV was spectacular. We want to believe in him and trust him to be the best prime minister ever. Maybe even greater than his father? He picked a wonderful cabinet made up of 15 men and 15 women, and people from all walks of life and backgrounds. It is a promising and positive government. So far, Justin is doing great and everyone is happy.

Going to Ottawa for Filomena's swearing in will take all day. We are to meet at 6:45 am to catch the bus. We arrive in Ottawa at noon. The spectacular event takes place at 3:30 pm. Then we all go out to dinner to celebrate. We arrive home by midnight. One long but very thrilling day.

I'm so proud that I volunteered and voted for Filomena. She is truly a brilliant and wonderful person. Her office is next door to my vet. My mom bumped into her when she took Kira to the vet after she had been attacked. Mom got to know Filomena and told me about her. I met Filomena after numerous visits to the vet. (Kira is my dog but stayed at my parents for a couple of days last March and was attacked by their neighbour's dog. She had 3 operations but doing great now.)

So I got to know Filomena as a person first. Her warm and generous personality oozes from every pore. Her great intelligence is immediately obvious and she treats everyone as an equal. She has a beautiful golden retriever named Ella and has always been concerned about Kira. She greeted her so warmly the other day and was pleased she had healed so well.

My stomach is twisting and churning in excitement for Canada. These are thrilling times. Even though I travelled around the world and lived in many places, I have always been Canadian first. I was always proud to divulge my citizenship and because of same was well treated by the natives. With Justin as Prime Minister and someone as wonderful as Filomena in government, there is nothing but optimism.

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have fun,