Friday, 13 March 2015


One thing you may not know about me is that I'm a professional poker player. I've been playing poker for money for two years now though I've been playing at the same poker site since 2005. At that time, I played with fake money/chips but it became boring. You really won nothing. So, I decided to start playing for money. I only play tournaments and not cash games so I only lose a set amount.

Mostly, I play $7.50 tournaments. The most expensive tournament I play in costs $11 to enter. So that's all I can lose: $11 which is not going to break the bank. These tournaments have between 4,000 to 8,000 players so the tourney may take a number of hours to complete. The longest I've played is six hours when I came 9th out of 6,700 people and won $250. Many times, I make it to the money round and at least win back what I paid into the tournament.

Basically, I play maybe four hours. It's my entertainment. I love playing poker. It's so addictive. I'm fascinated with the game. It's so exhilarating when your hand hits and you win. Though I must admit, when you lose it's disheartening but, after a few moments of pain, I bounce back and look forward to the next hand.

I play at Pokerstars a great site. You have a choice of either playing for money or for chips. They make improvements all the time only making the games better. Recently they added a notation where you can learn what place you are in the tournament and how many people are left. You can also easily learn when the blinds change and to what. There is a place where you can make notes about the other players as well as to learn your statistics.

In the past, I played in a few live tournaments held at local bars. I came second in two different tournaments and won $120. However, these games stopped for some reason and I no longer play live. My dream is to play in a poker tournament in Las Vegas. One day I will go but not now. No money.

I wrote a novel about five poker buddies who uncover a conspiracy. Had it edited and it needs work. One day I'll get to it and finish it.

Loving the weather. So glad we moved our clocks ahead. This is great. So nice to see the sun and the temperatures are finally moving up not down. Soon I'll be able to open the windows and let the fresh air in.

have fun,

My favourite poker player is Daniel Negreanu, from Toronto now living in Vegas. He's a big hockey fan and is trying to get a hockey team in Vegas.