Friday, 6 September 2013

Summer is Over

Earlier this week, I received the evaluation of my novel, Locker Rooms. It was a good critique and I agree with all the editor's corrections and advice. I think their help will make it a better novel. So, now I'm re-reading the book from the beginning. One error which is a pain to change was the ' character. Sometimes the apostrophe is straight or curls. I need the one that curls. Apparently the straight one doesn't publish well and I have to change them all. That's tedious, but generally I enjoy re-writing.

In addition, I attended at the Sleep Disorder's Clinic and saw the doctor. The CPAC machine has worked well and he was very pleased with the results. I won't see him now for another 6 months. The trial period is over for the machine and now I have a new machine straight from the boxes. Used it for the first time last night and worked okay. Did wake up a couple of times and looked at the clock (2:24 and 4:14). We'll see how it goes tonight.

Tomorrow/Saturday, I will be taking a course from Brian Henry who has been teaching writing courses in the area for the past 10-15 years. Brian is an editor and teaches writing at Ryerson College. I took most of his courses maybe six or so years ago and I am still on his mailing list so I receive emails about different courses being offered.

Now one comment the editor made was that, though my dialogue was easy to read and follow, some of my characters should have a unique voice. Writing accents or different types of dialogue is very difficult. I know that is not my strong suit. But, the course Brian is teaching tomorrow is How to Write Dialogue. Perfect timing. I know it will help me re-write those areas.

The weather has been fantastic even though summer has ended. Gee I remember looking forward to summer. Time flies. It's warm and sunny with blue skies. I enjoy fall except for the fact that our next season is winter. I don't like winter. But let's not be sad and enjoy the weather now.

have fun,