Sunday, 13 December 2015



Sorry about last week. I totally forgot to write a blog. I remembered on Wednesday. Decided to wait until Monday since I'm trying to keep it regular.

I've just been busy with my books. Finally finished Devouring Time, a mystery, about an historic Canadian family, embroiled in the art world, await the delivery of a mysterious package from their ancestor in England. It has now gone to Nate, my proofreading editor. It will be returned edited in approximately six weeks.

My other novel, The Perfect Hand, a thriller about five poker buddies who uncover a conspiracy, is complete. I just finished correcting Nate's edits and suggestions. I have sent it out to a couple of friends to read it over now to check for any typo or mistake we missed. It's amazing how many fresh eyes you need to read a book before its as perfect as you can get.

I wanted to write a lighter blog this week since the last one was pretty heavy. I just have those thoughts now and then, and felt like sharing them. Today, I thought we could talk about koalas. I have a photographer friend in Perth, Australia, who is constantly informing me how many koalas are in the trees around his house. One day he had 12!!

The other day, he noticed one fall out of a tree. He was chatting with me at that time. He went outside to see what was the matter. He picked up the sick koala and brought it into his house. He gave it water and placed it on his bed. Within minutes, it was sound asleep and snoring loudly. My friend called the local Koala rescue centre. They came and picked up the poor thing. They were able to restore it to health and it was set free.

When I was in Australia in 1993, I visited many zoos where I saw lots of koalas. I never saw them in the wild. At one zoo, I had myself photographed with one. I wanted to hold it but the woman in charge said that would not be possible because koalas could scratch you badly with their long nails or pee on you. But when talking to my Perth friend, they seem gentle and sweet.

I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Have fun,