Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Looking out my Window

I live in my black leather recliner in my living room. Here I do everything. I sit with my laptop, feet up and everything I need at arm's length. To my right is a large window leading to my backyard through which I can see Sumac trees and bushes covering a small, steep hill. Beyond the hill are million dollar estates. There is a metal link fence at the top of the hill leading into their backyards so you can't see any buildings and I rarely see anyone. Mostly cats wander the hill but saw a possum the other day.

My backyard is fenced-in. It's not a big backyard but big enough for Kira, my terrier mutt dog. Birds love my Sumac trees especially Blue Jays. I also see Cardinals, Sparrows, Robins and other small birds. Once in a while, hummingbirds (my favourite bird) hover by my window. Squirrels run all over the fence and enjoy teasing the dog and cat.

I have turned off the furnace and am leaving the backdoor open. Now my pets can go in and out at their pleasure. What a relief! Kira has me up and down out of my chair often to go outside and then to let her back in. She doesn't spend much time in the backyard. It's also great to have some fresh air. I love airing out the house. I like keeping all the windows open.

My poor Kira. Two weeks ago, I had to go out of town for a couple of days so left her with my parents who love looking after her. I kept Emma, my cat, at home and a neighbour came over and fed her.

While Kira was in my parents' fenced-in backyard, a vicious neighbour's dog who had been let off leash broke into the backyard and attacked Kira. The skin on her back had been ripped from her body. She had three operations. The final operation made an incision from shoulder to shoulder. She is recuperating well and is back to her old self.

That neighbour's dog, as well as the second one these people own, killed a neighbour's dog four years ago. In the past year, the dogs have attacked two other women out walking their dogs. We understand from Animal Control that these dogs must wear a muzzle all the time while on a walk. My parents have seen them walk by recently and the dogs aren't wearing muzzles.

I don't know what is the matter with these people. Kira's bills came to over $2,000. I guess they like hurting other people's dogs and they have lots of money to throw away. Really? It's terrible what they are doing. No one wants to walk their dog in my parents' neighbourhood because of these dogs. My parents wrote Animal Control about the dogs being muzzle-less. We'll see what happens.

Kira had the stitches out last week. We saw the vet today for a check-up. She's pleased that Kira is healing so well. This vet is brilliant and did a wonderful job. Kira is back to her usual routine which means walks in this now beautiful spring.

have fun,