Monday, 31 March 2014

The Junos

Did you watch the Junos last night? What a difference from a Hollywood affair and the Grammys! Everyone was dressed so comfortably and casually. No fancy expensive ball gowns here. Only the Olympic gold medal winning women's curling team was dressed up. They received a well-deserved standing ovation since they reside in Winnipeg where the Junos were held last night.

The people of Winnipeg put on a good show. I only listen to a classic rock radio program while driving in the car so I didn't know most of the entertainers. We have some great musical talent here in Canada and I should be paying more attention. Some of the popular songs, which I've heard over the last year, are by Canadian bands. I didn't know that and was very proud of them.

One big absence from the Junos was anyone thanking God for their win. I am so tired of hearing American winners thanking God for their award. I'm sure, if there is a God, he/she wouldn't care if they won an award. Canadians are very different from Americans and it shows brightly on Canadian shows like the Junos.

 A week today, I will be in New York City. I will be spending five days there and I hope to account for my time with a blog every night. Would be fun to share my excursions with you. I am very lucky and will be staying with my cousin who lives across from Central Park. Yes, she has a good job and does well for herself I'm sure. Looking forward to seeing her place.

My main reason for travelling to NYC is that my best friend from England will be there at that time and I will meet up with her. We met at the Tel Aviv University in Israel. She was studying music and I was an English Literature major. From the day we met, we became fast friends. With her parents' assistance, she bought an apartment and I moved in with her while studying. Eventually, I left Israel and she moved to England where she married a Brit. We have kept in touch over the years. I have flown to England many times and stayed with her while there. I also try and call her once a month to catch up.

I really need to get away. It has been five years since I have travelled anywhere which is an eternity for me. When I had money, I would visit two to four new places a year. And, I can't write. I just can't concentrate creatively when I'm feeling so out of sorts. A trip will solve that problem and I hope to come away rejuvenated.

have fun,